Friday, July 23, 2021

I know, it's been a minute.


But y'all. I have been completely pre-occupied with a somewhat sudden decision to sell our house. The more time I spent at the Ridge, the more I wanted to be there full time. And it's a seller's market right now that can't possibly last. So we called a realtor friend, signed a lease on a rental house, moved, and listed ours a little over a month ago. And on that weekend, 6 offers came in. One early offer well below our listed price, which we turned down instantly. They re-thought and re-offered. Their new offer and all remaining offers were above our asking price. Interestingly, I was drawn toward one particular offer, but our realtor suggested accepting another due to their loan requiring a lower appraisal cut-off. Those folks backed out, though, and the offer I had wanted to go with in the first place was back in play. I can't even explain it, but I felt strongly that that person was the right one for our house. So - inspection, appraisal, underwriting... and today we met at closing. Before I went to the closing, I swung by the house one last time to leave her a note with information about the house and neighborhood, a vase of flowers, a chocolate bar, and a bottle of champagne. The seller was a young woman buying her first home who had fallen in love with the house the same way I did. She said that when she walked in, she instantly felt like it was a happy place. She said she'd been looking at houses and expected it to be a long, difficult search, but somehow everything had just aligned for her. And that she has continued to look at new listings and each time she thinks, "My new house is better than that one." Tonight, she is having some friends over to see it and celebrate with her and I could not be happier for her. Seriously, could it have gone any better than that?

So, that nail-biter is over and we talk with our builder tonight about getting started on construction. I plan to get back to blogging and will make the rounds. I missed you guys, but just couldn't bring myself to do anything until we got finished and I could see the money wired to my account. I've got a lot of catching up to do!