Sunday, December 29, 2013

A heart as wide as the world.

I got on-line to post and found an email letting me know that a dear blogger friend had passed away the day after Christmas from heart complications. Such an ironic ending for a big-hearted soul.  Laura, of What Fresh Hell is This, was one of those bloggers who had a humorous take on life, was consistently kind in her comments and always, always supportive. It's funny how you can never meet someone and still feel a kinship and still mourn her passing. We were the same age and dealing with similar life situations, and I feel blessed to have known her, even if only through our interactions here. She leaves behind five children, the youngest still in high school. My heart goes out to her family. Rest easy, Laura, and know that you are truly missed.


  1. " It's funny how you can never meet someone and still feel a kinship and still mourn her passing."

    Yes, you're absolutely right. The thing about blogging is that we often connect on such a strong 'energetic' level, which to me, goes deeper than the physical. So I think when someone we blog with and feel a close kinship with passes away, we feel it deeply.

    My heart goes out to her family as well.

    Rest easy, Laura.

  2. That is sad. I grieved two of my blogger friends who have passed, one through his own hand. We connect on such an unencumbered plane on line. I've met a few of my blog friends over the years and in every case there was that same visceral connection as on line. We just "knew" each other. Like family.
    Deepest sympathy!

  3. That is very sad news. Is someone else posting for her on her blog? I'm glad you were contacted so that you know.

  4. I am so sorry, cs. I went to Laura's blog just now for the first time and it is unreal to see her joyful words just days ago.

    I have lost two precious friends born from the blogs. I agree with every word said above.

    We are friends here


  5. I wish the best for Laura's families - both blog and biological
    I think we can learn things about a blogger than their own biological family never does.

  6. So sorry for her loss, so young and still with young kids. I remember a few years ago a blogging buddy who passed from cancer and how I cried on hearing the news. Sad thing was we were to connect and meet but never happened due to my crazy schedule. Made me try to work harder the next situation to get to meet in person I knew through bloggin.


  7. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend m'dear and my heart goes out to her family too. xx

  8. its so hard...the losing of friends...even those we never knew in person...i had 2 blog friends that passed away this year and felt their loss greatly...i am sorry for your loss....

  9. My blogmates and Facebook friends are all very much alive so I haven't had that experience. But I can think of one or two whose passing would be quite upsetting, as I do feel that strong affinity with them.

  10. How sad. I am very sorry. This happened to me a couple of years ago and it was such a shock. One moment someone is blogging away cheerfully, and then out of the blue, you hear they are dead. Somehow the distance makes it more shocking, as you are cut off so very directly, with no follow-up.

  11. That is very sad and especially leaving behind five children.
    I've lost blogging friends too. I can relate entirely to what you are feeling. Even though we might never meet up, Bloggers are a sort of family of (quite often) similar people that we can feel very close to.
    Really sorry that this has happened at Christmas too. (Though it would be bad any time of the year) Christmas makes it seem harder somehow.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  12. My thoughts go out to the children, it's a terrible thing for a child of almost any age to lose a parent. I hope they have a good support system, and take whatever comfort can be offered. Mine lost their mother at a too-early age and miss her still 15 years later.

  13. My prayers are with her family. Looking at her blog, she was able to find humor that people can connect with.

  14. Thanks, everyone - I guess it's a lesson in how much my fellow bloggers have come to mean to me.

  15. Chelle Bogger told me of the passing of a blogger I had just met earlier this month.

    I felt the loss even though I only knew him online and for only a few posts. He liked my stuff and he was very funny himself.

  16. So far \I've only lost a couple of bloggy friends. I was surprised the first time to find that we had actually become close enough for me to mourn his passing. We'd never laid eyes on one another.