Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring seems to be here.

When I bought this house last summer, the yard was just that - grass and not much else. Google maps is keeping the old vision of the house alive for me.
But what I see now is the beginning of a new look for it. Oh sure, the plantings are sparse. They'll fill in, though.
I'd decided not to do much in the way of planting this summer, but a couple of things I'd ordered last fall arrived and needed to go in the ground. The instructions on these flowering fern tubers was to soak them for half an hour before planting them. I'm not convinced they aren't pale carrots. Or weirdly elongated turnips. Or thin potatoes. But in they went.
Other than planting those and the toad lilies, cutting back the lirope and mowing once, I've not done anything in the way of gardening. Because I stay busy. I did harvest some daffodils for the table when I made this dinner (salmon with a ginger marmalade topping, zucchini and yellow squash with feta and balsamic vinegar glaze, roasted sweet potato slices and bread with garlic cheese).  I think it's about time to fire up the grill and cook some meals outside.
And on some nice days we head downtown to eat at one of the restaurants with outdoor seating. Wednesday we had martinis and then dinner, with this friendly pup watching and hoping for more head scratches and possibly a treat.
I may be too busy to work much in the yard right now but I still enjoy watching last summer and fall's hard work pay off. Every day something new is in bloom and since I've forgotten exactly what I planted, much of it is just a wonderful surprise to me.

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