Sunday, October 11, 2015

We interrupt this travelogue...

I wanted to run straight through the trip to Ireland as I had time, but lately that has been in short supply. Last weekend we finished emptying out my fiancé's rental house on the south side of town and loaded up a U-Haul truck to officially move him into my house on the north side. We've been sorting, donating, and trashing in an attempt to fit the two of us (plus our four kids who are here on varying schedules) into a small house. The shredder has been running on over-time to clear out paper clutter and rooms have been re-arranged and re-purposed. We're in the home stretch now and the daughters spent the night here for the first time this weekend and my younger son joined us for dinner last night. The wedding is still many months away but the family is already falling into place.

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