Friday, December 23, 2016

And yet, life keeps rolling along.

And in fact, it brings me some comfort to just immerse myself in the holiday traditions. I got my traditional white pine, and this year our younger daughter helped me decorate.
We'll have a full house, this year, with the four kids and my son's girlfriends. Plus a stocking for the cat (who gets cat treats).
Last weekend we had already committed to be the first stop of the neighborhood progressive Christmas party. We had a big variety of appetizers we'd made and a pot of hot spiced apple cider with bourbon. I'm glad we didn't bow out - it was nice having people in when the house was looking so festive.
I admit, I like decorating for Christmas. I love the annual appearance of the snowfolk, the poinsettias, and the flying reindeer.
And I especially like all the lights.  Candles, strings of bulbs, glowing glass spheres. It just makes me happy to have so much light around me.
Thank you for the kind thoughts about my brother. It means a lot to me. Whatever you celebrate, I wish peace and love to you all this holiday season.

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