Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday musings.

I've been completely preoccupied with yard work lately and have been spending every possible minute of these amazingly warm sunny days with my hands in the dirt instead of on my computer keyboard. So, until early next week when there is rain in the forecast, a few thoughts:
1) Why do radio DJs insist on saying, in a very upbeat way, "Happy Good Friday!" It's "good" as in holy, and meant to commemorate the torture and death of Jesus. I'm not part of the church any more, but I still find that misplaced cheer a little grating.
This flyer was up at my office building. Assuming they are saying the real reason for Easter is the resurrection of Christ, why celebrate it with an eggfest? Do they not understand the eggs (and the Easter bunny) are Pagan fertility symbols? Personally, I like that aspect of Easter as a spring merging of two very different religious traditions, but I suspect this church would not if they stopped for ten seconds to think about it.
3) Whether your celebration is a religious observance of the risen Lord, a spiritual reveling in the cycle of death and rebirth manifested in the warming soil and plants erupting into bloom all around you, or a purely secular focus on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps, Silver Jesus and I wish you a very lovely Easter weekend!

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