Saturday, December 22, 2018

A scaled-back but still joyful Christmas.

This year, I've decided to let go of a lot of my normal expectations about this holiday season. We put up a smaller than usual tree and decided we'd fill stockings for each other but not exchange gifts, other than giving gifts to the kids. We didn't bother putting up lights outside and decorated inside only a little. Instead, our focus is on time with the people in our lives. My sons (and my older son's girlfriend) will be here for a dinner tomorrow night and again for a brunch on Christmas Day. We went to a Winter Solstice party last night and are going to a neighbor's Christmas party tonight, and also plan to take in the UU church's candlelight service Christmas Eve. I want very much to hold on to this awareness of how precious life is. The Solstice is marks the return of light and Christmas celebrates the birth of hope. Those are reminders I need more than ever this year.

Peace to you this holiday season, whatever your traditions, and may your days be filled with light and hope.

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