Monday, March 18, 2019

Sláinte Mhaith!

My blogging may slow down a bit temporarily. Because spring! And Daylight Savings Time! Even though the trees haven't yet leafed out, spring is clearly edging in and we're going for long walks as much as possible. And yesterday we celebrated one of my favorite spring-is-nearly-here holidays, St. Patrick's Day. Yesterday, we picked up some potatoes and cabbage because I thought I'd make an Irish dish - a chicken and stout stew. Except when I actually  looked at the recipe, I saw that it didn't include potatoes OR cabbage. What sort of anti-Irish travesty is that? My husband pointed out that just because the stew had stout in it, it wasn't necessarily Irish. Oh. Well, it was if I had anything to do with it - I added both to the recipe and used a bottle of Guinness. I also made a loaf of beer bread and we had cold - you guessed it - beer. My younger son came over and had dinner with us.
Aside from walking and cooking, we also spent a lot of time working in the yard. Since my surgeries and chemo basically prevented me from doing much at all last year, the flower beds are insanely overgrown. I have started the laborious process of cutting things back and weeding. And I love it! Gardening just restores my soul. And in spite of the neglect, the daffodils are making a solid appearance. So Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy DST, and Happy Vernal Equinox to you all!

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