Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wildflowers on the Ridge

I thought I'd share some of the flowers I've seen up on our property. Starting with mountain laurels! I really love this shrub so I was happy to find these.
 Coreopsis, also called Tickseed. They're cheery little flowers.
I have plans to transplant some of my own heuchera to the woods, which can grow wild in the mountains. And down by the creek, here they were! They have already flowered, but the best thing about heuchera (also called coral bells) is their variegated leaves.
Wild bergamot! it's a type pf monarda or bee balm. I have some scarlet monarda in my front yard that I plan to transplant. I think it would look great intermingled with their light purple cousins.As the name bee balm suggests, the bees just love it.
On one hike we found a little meadow with lots of the bergamot. And sure enough, it had many pollinators buzzing around it.
Maybe best of all, I found flame azalea. I love this plant, but didn't even know it grew around here.
All that said, have a look at what fell across the logging road in the last storm. That, my friends, is pure poison ivy. It was a robust vine growing up a small dead tree. I am going to have to do something about it because we can't just climb over it on every walk. Still, the wonderful plants outweigh this little demon.

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