Friday, October 30, 2020

Tumbleweed Update

When my son first spotted Tumbleweed, she was barely past being a kitten herself but was accompanied by what must have been her offspring. It was tiny and my son wasn't able to coax them near enough to catch them, although he put out food and water. The little kitten apparently didn't make it because it never came back with Tumbleweed, but once she allowed us to pet her, we knew we needed to get her spayed. Let me tell you, she put up a valiant fight against being put into the cat carrier. But although she twisted and spread her claws out, she never actually bit or scratched us. 
We took her back to our house after she was spayed to recover for a week on our sunporch. After a couple of days she was itching to get out. You can see her little shaved belly and the leg where the IV went. But once healed, she was happy to be back on her own stomping grounds.
In no time, she was as lively as ever and back to exploring. She knows there is often food in my son's truck so she tries to figure out how to get in. 
And then there is the killing. Shrews, chipmunks, birds. It's clear how she survived before we started feeding her.
Here she torments a cicada, spinning it around.
And good grief, can that cat climb! It's amazing especially to watch her climb back down a tree, turning her body with each step to maintain her grip.
Her fur has all grown back since the surgery and she has become an incredibly affectionate companion,  climbing into our laps demanding to be petted or following us around on the property as we work. Just one more thing to love about that little slice of mountains we have. 

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