Sunday, October 24, 2021

Build Update

After the footers had been poured, it rained and rained. But finally, a little over a week ago, we went up to find the foundation was built. 

That lit a fire under us to start collecting up some of the remaining things we need. We had already had our builder pick up the bamboo flooring because we had nowhere to store it, but we did buy the tile for the two bathrooms and the laundry room and stashed them in the storage unit. I say "we" but I can't actually lift them.

On Wednesday, we were thrilled to see the framing had started!

We came back the next day with a bottle of champagne from the local winery and toasted this new step. By that day they had started framing in the rooms, so we had to go stand in each one and imagine what it would look like. 

We went up again yesterday and the crew was working on the ceiling trusses. Those are the house plans on the hood of one of the worker's truck.

One little concern is that the kitchen is a good 5 inches shorter in width than on the plans. Which wouldn't be a problem at all except the cabinets are already built and waiting for us. I'm just trusting that somehow it will all be okay.

By the way, since I was asked - yes, Ranger does let us pet him now. He even climbed up on my leg when I was kneeling on the cement pad so that I could scratch his head. Picking him up is still a no-go though.

There's a lot of rain again in the forecast next week, so I know there will be another slow-down, but I'm starting to feel like this is really happening.

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