Sunday, November 7, 2021

Obligatory fall photos in the neighborhood.

Driving out to our property, we pass a "Century Farm," which means the family has been running a farm there for at least one hundred years. You can't see it, but our place will be the next ridge over.

This is an abandoned house on that farm. I'm assuming it was the original farmhouse.
Another farm. This one is on our road, getting close to our land.

Our driveway is at that bend ahead, and the ridge behind is the western boundary of the property.

Looking up the road from our driveway...

and down the road from the driveway. The property ends just around that bend.

Looking up the driveway at the newly-wrapped house.

The view from what will be the front door.

And the view from what will be the living room windows. I am so looking forward to sitting in here and watching the seasons change.

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