Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beach trip overview.

It's taken some time to get back to blogging after our trip to the Georgia coast, the land of live oak trees draped in Spanish moss.
The kids and I stayed at a different place on St. Simon's Island this time, in the upper apartment on the right.
From the living room, and also from my room, we could see the ocean. Occasionally, we'd look up to see a big Russian cargo ship passing.
As soon as we got there, we changed and walked across the street to have a look at the water.  But it was high tide, so we headed down to East Beach instead.
No matter where it is on the tide schedule, there is always plenty of sandy beach there to walk on.
My sons made their usual sand castles, and also took long walks together so they could talk.  I know they miss each other, and I was happy to see them deep in conversation.
And I enjoyed the time with my own thoughts as I walked. Sometimes, there would be no one else anywhere in sight.  We were on the beach every morning and evening, when the sun wasn't as intense.
Mostly, we had our mid-day meals out. Always seafood of one sort or another. Even at the Mexican restaurant, I had a salmon and goat cheese quesadilla.
To escape the heat we also looked around in the various shops on the islands. I got some books to read while I was there and in one store we took this very serious selfie.
My older son has little tolerance for the heat. Even with the AC on, he wilted. At one point, he collapsed under the fan and said dramatically, "It's too got-dang hot in this state."
No trip to the coastal South is complete for me without a stop at the farmer's market to pick up some hot boiled peanuts. There is something blissful about having them with an icy beer out on a balcony overlooking the warm waters of the low country.
We were only there for 5 days, but it was a welcome respite. My sons are as tight as brothers can be, and both were reluctant to have the vacation end.
And me? I'm thinking maybe a second career as a life guard.

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