Sunday, August 24, 2014

No real "before" on this project.

As this house has only a single car garage, I decided to have a gardening shed made. It's one of those Amish-built, made-to-order companies. Well, mostly made-to-order. When I was sitting down with the guy, we had this conversation:
Me: "I want a shed that is 10 by 8 feet."
Him: "We don't make 10 by 8.  But you can get 8 by 10."
Me: "You do know that's the same thing, right?"

Turns out, it matters in terms of door placement. So I went with an 8X8 shed because I didn't want it to intrude onto the neighbor's property. With this company you pick things like number and size of windows, type of door, roofing materials, paint, shelving and so on. Most people go with a barn style or a windowless utility shed. Me, I wanted one that looked like a little cottage. Once made, it was delivered on a big truck and maneuvered into place, carefully avoiding a couple of small dogwoods. The delivery guy was exceedingly careful with the low hanging hemlock boughs. He gathered the rhododendron limbs and pulled them to the side and said, "Will you hold her back for me?" Her.
The inside was unfinished wood, so I used paint I'd found in the garage to make it a light yellow inside. I had a work bench built with a shelf under it and I brought the enamel topped table I found at my last house.
I ordered windows on all three sides plus a door with a window for maximal light. The three windows in the walls open and are screened. I added a clip on fan after these pictures to move air around when I'm working in there. And the hemlocks keep it nice and shaded. I also had the electrician run a wire to the shed and add an outlet. I put in a light over the bench and added a remote battery-operated light switch at the doorway. On that shelf, the batteries for the mower and weed whacker are kept charging. That wooden sign used to hang on my pig's pen when I was a kid. I had an American Yorkshire named Rosie because I wanted a pink pig like Wilbur in Charlotte's Web.
Hooks and so on hold various gardening tools. I made some sheer curtains that can be closed when I am not in it so the tools aren't an invitation for a break-in. And hung up the little Tibetan prayer flags.
Bird-feeding station is right by the front door, with bins of seed and corn for the squirrels.
Today I transplanted two gold mop false cypress bushes from the front bed because I don't like yellow plants in sunny areas. I also put down some flagstone and will fill in with dirt and plant some groundcover (moss, maybe) in between the stones. I bought and painted numbers that match the ones on the house and added a 1/2. I felt like the shed needed a number of its own. One little ceramic tree frog later and I think you'll have to agree it's the cutest little gardening shed in the world.

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