Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm moved into some beyond-busy state.

Seriously, I move from one project to the next, often back and forth between them, with little time out for much of anything else. Preparing one of the flower beds, I watched as a feather floated from the sky to land in front of me in the dirt.  But it is hard for me to feel similarly at ease with all I'm trying to get done.
I did take an evening out to make dinner for a friend and her daughter. Herb-crusted salmon, potatoes with parmesan and pesto, roasted asparagus, olive bread. Mac and cheese for the little one who said (I'm told), "Mama, can we come back here? Her house is cozy." And see the tiny wine tasting bottles I'm now using as mini vases?
I got a big bunch of alstroemeria for 4 bucks at the grocery store, enough to fill the six little wine bottles and two vases. One of which is a bottle of Buddha beer that I spray painted with hammered bronze paint. Most of my projects, however, have been insanely time-consuming. I plan to take pictures soon so I can post updates.
In the meantime, I'm needing to find a way to relax some. Sit out on my deck, maybe. Near the horseshoe crab shell I scavenged at the beach a couple of years ago. Everyone has one of those on their deck, right? Maybe with a glass of wine and my laptop, and try to catch up. Yeah. Probably not going to happen until planting season is over.

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