Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The fall planting begins.

Over the last two evenings, I worked in the yard from the time I got home until it was too dark to see what I was doing. I've planted an array of bulbs - 67 pink, black, and apricot tulips, 10 saffron crocuses, 24 purple, blue and pink hyacinths, 13 pink daffodils, 6 mystery rhizomes (brought from the old house but I can't remember what they are), 24 Alpine rosy bells, 20 striped crocuses, 12 nymph gladioli, 12 Oriental lilies, 40 mountain lilies, a dwarf iris, and a purple de oro daylily. In addition, I put in some coneflowers, a peony, six ajuga plants, and 5 liriope. And dug up a small dead tree and transplanted the Harry Lauder's walking stick in its spot.  And loved every minute of the work. But tomorrow I've got 12 people scheduled from 8am until 7pm, which means I'll leave here about 6:30 in the morning and get home close to 8:00 at night. It'll likely be the weekend before I get around to blogs, but in the meantime, one of my smaller outdoor projects:
After I'd uncovered the water meter from where I'd accidentally buried it and encircled it with stones, I decided it needed a little sprucing up. Since it is smack in the middle of my flower bed, I wanted something plant-related. I traced ivy vines onto paper and cut them out.
I used that as a stencil and spray painted the leaves and vines pattern with green Rustoleum.
Then found a silver paint pen and used it to outline and draw in veins.What? That meter cover is City property? Well, we'll just see if I get any complaints. I like to think the meter reader is going to think of it as a nice change of pace.

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