Friday, June 17, 2016

Honeymoon, Modern Life in an Ancient Village

I decided to do a little aside post, not about a particular day but about the place we stayed the first four nights. Because look at it! It sits up on a hillside in the Chianti region, about 600 meters above sea level.
Vèscine was a thirteenth century Etruscan village that had fallen into disrepair over the years. It  was bought by the owners of a couple of wineries in Tuscany and turned into a hotel property.
All the original structures were preserved, keeping the medieval architecture intact. The buildings are connected by bricked alleys, following the old roadways.
I was particularly taken with the tile rooftops with multicolored fungi.
Lots of small flowering succulents grow in patches in the crevices.
At one end of the old village is the restaurant where we had breakfast every morning. You can see the deep-set widows in the very thick walls.
The other end has the pool. Okay, not medieval, but the view from it!
This angled walkway lead up to our building, which housed two suites. Can't you just picture these tiny roads in use hundreds of years ago?
Our room was this half of the building, with its own little balcony. We had the room farthest from the main buildings.
Our room was light and airy during the day and cozy at night. We kept the French doors open during the daytime because we were surrounded by a wooded area on two side.
Looking out from our windows we could see some of the other buildings and the green hillside.
This turned out to be one of those lodging choices that far exceeded our expectations. Which is especially sweet on a honeymoon.

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