Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Front yard update.

Three years ago today, I was living in the new house I'd bought a month earlier and just starting to work on the landscaping. It was basically a plain grass yard, with minimal plantings at the foundation.
The clover that we put in to replace the grass is pretty full now. The instructions that came with the miniclover seed said it could be kept to a standard lawn height by mowing it occasionally. But we looked at it a few days ago and decided we liked it tall and lush. Why should we have to mimic a conventional lawn? It's starting to bloom a little and I'm very happy with it.
From the first crocuses through daffodils and tulips, bulbs continue to send up flowers in waves. Asiatic lilies are in bloom now.
The liriope and other perennials along the new walkway are full now.
The birdbath is absolutely covered up by coneflowers. I only planted a few but they have spread profusely.
This is a purple d'oro daylily plant, which makes no sense at all. It's a purple version of a stella d'oro, which means gold star. So why didn't they name it a stella de viola?
The same view of the house as the first picture, taken today. Quite a change, isn't it?

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