Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I meant to post about the project I was working on during my blog hiatus.

Knowing that blogs have a curious habit of evaporating, I wanted some way other than my posts to remember our trips. Last fall I got a deal on photo books for $5 plus shipping. I ordered five and had until the first of the year to use the vouchers. I did two on our first trip together to Ireland, and one each for Italy/Switzerland, Cuba and Argentina.
I loved that the cover photo could be wrapped around the book and inserts included. On the Ireland books I added Gaelic road signs on the back and the Italy Honeymoon book, an insert of our wedding photo.
Each book is 40 pages and there is a fair amount of flexibility on text and photo size. I like how compact they are so they fit nicely with the small bookcase that houses the only books we hang onto. In some ways, it's an anti-minimalist move on my part because I know they will interest no one but myself and my husband. But if travel is an experience that brings joy, so is re-living the memories.

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