Sunday, May 27, 2018

Good luck birds.

Surgery plan in place and a couple of weeks to wait, we decided to take part of our weekend to visit the new hummingbird exhibit, "Joyful Flight," at the university gardens.
Artists were provided with a wooden hummingbird form and could paint or decorate it as they wanted. Scattered around were signs with hummingbirds facts. For instance, a hummingbird's wings move 38-78 beats per second (more when diving).
This one looked a little melancholy in spite of its admonition to love life. Like me right now, I guess - I do love life, and I'm also sad.
I loved this ceramic-covered bird. It's hard to see but the pieces of ceramic that cover it are carved in patterns.
The sign for this one identifies it as a king, but when I saw it, I said, "Oh, I like the queen hummingbird!" I'm sticking with my interpretation.
This metallic-covered version includes spoons, chains and other odds and ends. The placement near an old truck and gas pump is perfect.
This bird was by a little pond. Weighing less than a penny, they are fast and can be aggressive. Indeed, I've watched tiny bold hummers duke it out over territory and mates and buzz my head when the feeder runs low. Hummingbirds will even use their long, sharp beaks like little shivs and stab each other in the throat when fighting. Now that's fierce!
At one with the trees around it on one side of this bird,
and decorated with delicate vines and birds on the other. Not all were decorated differently on either side and I appreciated the effort.
A modern bird, covered in CDs. As good a use for discarded discs as I've ever seen.
Another hummingbird fact - proportionally, they have the biggest brains of any bird. They can remember flowers they visited and often return to the same feeders each year.
This hummingbird speaks to the hippie in me, living life on its own terms. I especially liked the yarn fringe on his cap.
Cosmic hummer. A friend told me he'd be conversing with the Cosmos on my behalf so this is clearly his bird. In some traditions, hummingbirds are seen as healers, appearing to people in need.
Possibly my favorite, a hummer of carved and colored wood. I'd put this one in my garden if I could. Representing both fearlessness and lightness of being, these hummingbirds were a timely message for me. I will need all the courage and joy I can get for the months ahead.

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