Wednesday, May 30, 2018

More of the university gardens.

In addition to the hummingbird statues, we enjoyed just walking around the gardens and then out along the river. We walked about 4 miles that day and have made a commitment to walking some every day possible. The garden entrance has some lotus ponds, which had a variety of white and pink blooms.
A robin posed for me on this iron sculpture of roses.
The gardens are divided into areas, including a kitchen garden with herbs, vegetables and fruits.
There are ponds scattered throughout, including some with brightly-colored koi and others with large turtles. Later, as we walked along the river, we passed dozens of snapping turtles, sunning themselves on logs in the water.
I believe this is Quan Yin, the boddhisatva of compassion who represents the divine feminine. Yet another thing in the gardens, along with the carved wood hummingbird, that I had to refrain from stealing.
A juvenile squirrel caused its mother some turmoil, racing away and having to be corralled again. When we approached, they both darted up the trunk of a tree and then froze, pretending to be invisible.
In the children's section was a fairy garden, with tiny houses tucked in amongst the rocks and plants.
Nearby was an enormous iron grasshopper.
The kids' area included an exhibit of insect-eating plants. Because what child isn't fascinated by plants that can eat bugs? Okay, fine, I'm fascinated by it, too.
 No idea about this sculpture but it had some vaguely Celtic carvings and also reminded me of something you might see in Central or South American ruins. Maybe an altar of some sort.
Crape myrtle trunks. I planted a few crapes at my house and look forward to when they develop this beautiful peeled look.
Another young squirrel foraged near us while we sat on a hanging bench swing. When it finally found a nut, it ran up to snack in the branches above.
Back out by the lotuses again. May we all stay rooted in the earth and flower in the light.

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