Sunday, January 13, 2019

Anniversaries and getting back to normal.

Four years ago we met for the first time for brunch and then, reluctant to end the date, walked over to the coffee and chocolate place. At the time, I posted a photo very like this one. Now each year, on a Sunday as close to the date as possible, we recreate that first date. Today we had big mugs of good black coffee, French toast with maple bourbon syrup and veggie eggs Benedict with sweet potato fries at a restaurant that was still an old department store when I moved here. And then, in spite of the gray misty day, made our way over to pick out a chocolate.
Coffeed-out by then, we sat in the warm, cozy shop in the very same seats as our first date, and had hot chocolates and a couple of truffles - I picked the dark chocolate ganache with almond praline and he took the one filled with Jack Daniels-infused chocolate. We talked about how much had been packed into the last four years and started thinking ahead to traveling again next year.
In the meantime, we have been taking advantage of every reasonably warm dry day to go for long walks. I'm slowly regaining my strength and feeling in my foot and we managed a 2 1/2 mile walk along the river last weekend.
I'm determined to rehab myself and have decided that one way or another, by God, I will walk every day. At the park or around the neighborhood.
Or, on a chilly, wet day like today - inside. Mid-chemo, we found a used treadmill (only $130!) and roped my son into picking it up for us in his truck. Now it awkwardly takes up space in the front bedroom. But I'm really glad we got it. I can't go far or fast for very long, but I'm moving. On a treadmill, it's easier for me to focus on my gait and make the effort to roll through from my heel to the ball of my foot, unlearning the peg-legged pirate stump I was forced to have when my foot wasn't working at all. So far, my best is a mile with brief intervals of running, but I improve with each walk. Soon enough, spring will roll around again and by then I will ready to go to the mountains and hike.

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