Saturday, February 1, 2020

Out and about.

We've been trying to spend a little more more time getting out to hear live music - especially when it's free! Downtown they have a taping of a live radio show every day at noon, so we took in one on a recent Saturday.
It's generally Americana/Appalachian music. Fortunately I love that. The studio at the visitor's center sells coffee, but on this occasion we had just had breakfast and just dropped in for the music.
Today, we went to a brunch at the Cancer Support Community with live music. There was a really good spread of food - quiches, bagels, gingerbread, fruit, and coffee and juice. The band is one we've seen before, and includes a therapist who works at the center. And again - free! At least to cancer patients/survivors and their families.

One sad note was my next-door neighbor coming up to say hello and tell me she'd "joined the club." That is a club we current members don't want anyone to have to join. And her boyfriend, who has had the house next to ours for all of his adult life, lost his first wife to breast cancer. My neighbor on the other side also had breast cancer. Three houses in a row, four incidences of breast cancer. What are the odds?

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