Monday, February 1, 2021

Not as much fun as you might imagine.

So I was planning to do a blog post over the weekend, but decided to spend it passing kidney stones instead. I like to live on the edge that way. 

Friday morning, I started feeling like someone had kicked me on the left side of my back. Kicked me hard.  When the pain started radiating, I scheduled a telemedicine appointment that afternoon with my primary care doctor. He prescribed toradol (an anti-inflammatory) and told me I'd need to come in for a scan if the pain became intractable. But you know, weekend. Friday night is when it got bad, of course. Kidney stone pain is a weird thing - you just can't find a way to get comfortable like you can with regular back pain. And it pulsates. so it's hard to think of anything else. So I took the toradol, which didn't seem to do a thing for me, and drank lots of fluids. Water, water with lemon juice, water with apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, seltzer with lime juice, beer. Anything to break them up and flush the damned things out. Fortunately, two days, two sleepless nights, and several tiny stones later, I seem to be back to normal today. I hope so anyway. 

So until I can put together a real post, I thought you would enjoy this:

I received this from a number I didn't recognize, so obviously not someone I know. And I tried to say so, but the person seems to have interpreted my response as a snarky, "Right back atcha!" I left it there, but still wonder if the intended snubbee has any idea they've been disowned?

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