Saturday, October 25, 2014

Can you be in love with a lawn mower?

Toward the end of the summer, I turned my old mower over to check the blade and jarred loose a cable. It was heavier and larger than I needed for this new small yard, so I decided to donate it and get a down-sized version. I still got a battery-powered one, because I love how easy they are to use and maintain. There is virtually no maintenance, in fact, other than charging the lithium battery and occasionally running a sharpener over the blade. When I opened the box to assemble it, though, I could not believe how tiny it was.
Seriously - that's my phone for comparison.  It has a very narrow cutting path, but who cares?  It's so lightweight it's like pushing one of those Fisher Price toy mowers around. Honestly, it's no more work than strolling back and forth in your yard.  Even on an upward slope, it is effortless.  You just push the button and start walking. Birds hunting worms in the yard don't even bother to keep much of a distance because it is just so quiet and fume-free. Which is a really nice thing here in a part of the country where it is still mowing season.
And when I'm done? I fold down the handle, flip it on its side to grab the indentation, and carry it to the shed. Bam!

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