Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nothing is as sure as change.

So ... something inevitable happened, and even though I thought I was prepared, the way it played out still caught me off-guard. So I took a little time. Then Thursday as I was driving home from work, a big horn sheep stepped out onto the road up ahead, hesitated and went back into the brush for a moment, and then ran across the highway ahead of me.  [Note: this photo is obviously not my own and not the ram in question - I was too startled to take a picture.] Gorgeous creature the size of a buck and I have no idea where it came from - some farm that keeps exotic animals, maybe? We don't have them here at any rate. I texted both sons about it and older son's response was "A sign from the gods."

So I looked it up and found this about the appearance of it as a totem: "Bighorn sheep’s message is that of new beginnings. If you have this animal for your power ally, have confidence in your powers to land safely on your feet, in most circumstances. The spiral horn symbolizes your creativity, energy, and endurance. You can initiate new projects and have the strength to complete them. Defend your territory and test your strength, but do not lock horns just to prove your point. Think before you act. Stay in balance with your environment by hiking, walking, or climbing. Take a class to expand your mind and use your imagination to reach new heights of achievement. Seek new opportunities in your work and relationship areas. Now is a good time to make changes. You can accomplish a lot if you are prepared."

I don't actually believe in a serious way, but I like the lovely coincidence of a message I needed to hear.  So I've been doing exactly the things recommended, which I'll get to.
In the meantime, there was this to deal with.
And this - like opening a treasure box!
And also this. So much planting to do, in the midst of a rainy spell.
I love the names of some of the plants. The smaller one is dragonhead, the bolder-leafed one pigsqueak. There is quamash, hyssop, thundercloud sedum, Siberian squill, echevaria, catmint. I've been busy, and busy is good for me. And even though I'm able to put plants in the ground when it's raining, I can't take pictures, so updates will follow.

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