Saturday, November 1, 2014

And an extra bed, for good measure.

The fuzzy Google Earth shot of the little bit of land on the side of the driveway shows the thin-trunked dogwoods on my side growing in the shade of the enormous hemlocks on my other neighbor's side.
A shade garden was in order. You know my drill - cardboard, soil, mulch and a stone border. Many of the hostas I'd dug up for transplanting went here along with some irises the neighbor gave me and some shade-loving plants I'd bought.
I decided to put in a couple of pots with one on its side and lobelia planted both in it and on the ground in front of it. I'm hoping it will fill in  and look like it's spilling out. To do that, I needed to add draining holes. And that's how I was in this conversation at Home Depot about a month ago:

Me: "Hi! Where can I find a masonry bit?"
Worker guy: "Masonary? Over here. (waves at the huge array of bits I'm standing in front of)
Me: "Okay, I see the bits, but I can't tell which are masonry ones."
Guy: "What size do you need?"
Me: "I don't know, I just need to drill a hole in a cement pot."
Guy: (with what appeared to be a patronizing smile): "Well, I can't help you if you don't know what size - what size masonary bit do you need?"
Me: (starting to get testy): "I heard you, but I have not magically divined the answer since you asked me 30 seconds ago. I am just needing to know which ones are masonry bits, and I'll choose."
Guy: "Oh. All these, here. But it's masonARY."
Me: "Okay, thank you. But it's not."
Just off frame in the lower corner are a rhododendron and dwarf azalea. The upright pot has hostas and a variety of bulbs. I had to leave some un-mulched space at the front because that's where my neighbor and I leave yard waste to be picked up by the city. I hadn't even intended to do a bed on this side, but by this point, I was purely possessed.

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