Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Complain about the heat if you want, I LOVE summer.

Like a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk, the tomato plants continue to climb and now I can watch their progress from the bedroom window.
Which is only really interesting because of how high the window is from the ground.
This is all I've harvested so far, though. Some Swiss chard, green onions, a single zucchini and some gold cherry tomatoes. I think my vegetable plants need to focus less on colossal stem growth and into actually providing food.
A downside of summer is the upsurge in mosquitoes. So we've rigged up our own little slice of Morocco. The netting is so effective that we conked out one evening and didn't wake up until one in the morning.
We've been eating out on the deck most nights. My younger son is here some of the time and joins us on those nights. I had a good winter this year but I still always look forward to summers.
The long hot days make for a great growing season and already my butterfly garden is lush. It rains off and on, but mostly we get storms in the late afternoons and at nights. Which has lead to me adopting a new motto: Life is too short not to dance naked in the rain with someone you love.

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