Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Still too busy to blog regularly.

I'm not even going to make pretense of catching up. I've been going to little events like this one, at the nature center. A local brewery and pizza place teamed up for a little get-together. Good, cold IPA and pizza with basil and tomatoes. After we ate, my boyfriend and I walked down the path to the quarry.
It's beautiful and peaceful there, with springs bubbling up to the surface and making ripples.
You can see the roots of the plants stretching deep into the murk near the edges, but the water away from the shore is clear.
While we were looking at the water, a guy arrived and was throwing a stick for his dog to fetch. That dog was fearless and would do superman leaps from the high rocks.
The dog also ran to fetch off the dock but jumped in a different direction from the stick and made us all laugh. The deeper goofy laugh? Yeah, that's me.

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