Thursday, June 25, 2015

Squirrelanasaurus Rex

I continue to be amazed at the deceptive nature of squirrels' appearance. So cute, so fluffy. But they shimmy up the pole for the bird feeder and perch on the baffle designed to repel squirrels. I wasn't worried, though, because I didn't think they could get too much seed from the feeder out front.
I underestimated their strength, however. Those little fuckers just ripped right into the feeder and tore out the side of it! I pitched it and replaced it with another of the sort I have out back (in the post below), which seems to be very effective. Squirrels can land on it, but the minute they put weight on the body of it, the outer sleeve closes down over the openings. I've watched, they just slide right off, cursing. I laugh but I also try to appease them by putting out corn and peanuts.
And then there are the rabbits. They chase each other in circles, nibble on the clover, and apparently do what bunnies do because lately I've had a baby rabbit living in my yard. He's tiny and absurdly cute. Something that adorable couldn't possibly cause any damage,  could it?

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