Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Southern winters.

In our neck of the woods, February is so variable. Some days it's absolutely lovely and I stay out in the yard for hours, weeding and cutting back plants in preparation for growth.  Other days it is freezing or raining ad I just want to cuddle inside where it's warm. It was chilly on Saturday night, when we stepped out to see the penumbral equinox that was supposed to be visible. It looked pretty much like a regular full moon to me.
Earlier that day, we set out on an overcast day to go to the UU book sale rather than making our usual library run.  The youngest daughter is generally resistant to an early start on a weekend but she was no match for me jumping on her bed, rubbing her face with my cold hands and yelling, "Book sale! Book sale!" She was giggling and out of bed in no time.  I came home with a stack of dollar paperback novels, my husband got a couple of story collections, and our daughter got a couple of books and a couple of puzzles, one of which we've made a solid start on.
I have been on a reading kick lately. Succumbing to the peer pressure of my sister and brother-in-law's reading challenge on Goodreads, I set my goal for 52 books this year. I'm on my 13th, so I am way ahead of the game. But I know once winter has passed, that will slow down. Already, spring is moving in.

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