Sunday, February 5, 2017

"This is the travelogue that never ends..."

I know, it was just a long weekend, for heaven's sake. But I want a record of it, so I'm posting every little bit of it. Feel free to back away.
I mentioned there were cats and dogs everywhere. Virtually every animal seemed to be either friendly or indifferent to passersby. Some sat casually in their t-shirts, watching the streets.
Others got all dressed up to go out for a stroll.
But most hung out, unclothed and unleashed, on the streets and bothered no one.
Wouldn't you know I'd encounter the exception. This warning sign was NOT on the doorway we passed where a small dog rushed out snarling and planted his teeth on my leg. I shrieked and jumped off the sidewalk. Fortunately, a) I was wearing jeans that day and not the dresses I had on the other days and b) there was no car at the moment I jumped into the street.
Still, that was really the only negative moment in the entire trip. Mostly we walked around just soaking in the sights.
We saw not a single student walking around the grounds of the University of Havana. I don't know if they were on break or just closed on Sunday.
I also noticed that the blue-eyed owl on the roof peak looked just a wee bit psychotic.
If I hadn't thought it would be a problem getting back through customs, I'd have bought a rope of garlic bulbs from one of the street vendors. I can't imagine needing that much garlic, but I still wanted one.
We also passed on the many fruit and vegetable stands.
But they are cool. Like micro-farmers markets.
We noticed, too, that people drink openly and often very early in the day. This guy was drinking rum straight from the bottle.
Over and over again, I'd find myself looking in to doorways as we passed. Most had marble staircases and intricate tiled walls just falling to bits.
But again, the city is poignantly beautiful in its decline.
"And it goes on and on, my friends.
Some blogger started posting it not knowing what it was
And she'll continue posting it forever just because
This is the travelogue that never ends..."
  (with apologies to Lambchop)

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