Sunday, November 17, 2019

America Recycles Day

It was America Recycles Day on Saturday, and the local nature center was hosting an event with an interesting premise - trade in glass and plastic bags for a beer. We were in.
But first a hike. This place has miles of trails and it was warmer than it has been lately, and sunny.
We took a path that wound up along the river.
I could have stayed out all day, but we didn't want to miss the free beer.
We traded in our tickets for IPAs and got some balsamic tofu tacos from the Captain Muchacho's food truck.
It was just too gorgeous to go home and do the housework we'd planned, so we headed back downtown.
As we were driving to the parking garage, I spotted several gravestones through the window with my last name! No idea how they might be related to me but I'm guessing they are. First, it's a Presbyterian graveyard, which matches up with other ancestors and secondly, my surname was given to French Normans who migrated to England and Ireland. I think we're all related somehow.
After looking around in the graveyard, we walked over to the square. There was a Garth Brooks concert happening that night so there were LOTS of folks dressed in cowboy hats and boots.
We stopped at a restaurant and had some Weller and the hummus and vegetable plate as an early dinner. On days like this, I really love my city.

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