Sunday, November 24, 2019

On a gorgeous fall day a couple of weeks ago, we walked in another cemetary, this one on the edge of our neighborhood.
I'd noticed it when I was first house-hunting, but never actually went in. Turns out it has winding paths that loop all through it and lots of shade so its a lovely place to walk.
I like the path up at the back the best - it's a little mysterious.
I mean, what do you think these little rooms built into the hillside are for?
Coffin is not an uncommon name around here but there was something about seeing it on a headstone that made me laugh.
Sometimes when I'm in an old cemetery I look around and pick out where I would like to be (if I weren't planning to be cremated, that is). Maybe this little house under a big old magnolia would be nice.
Not this, though - way too pretentious It looks like a miniature Capitol building.
And then there was this. Clearly Cole's first wife died and he remarried. And good for him. But I really don't think I'd want to have to share a space with the other wife for all of eternity. That's just a little too cozy.
We're definitely adding this into the rotation of places to walk.

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