Tuesday, April 27, 2021

And meanwhile at home.

I haven't posted much about our current home lately, but its awash in spring color right now. I have some weeding and pruning to do here but can't work up much enthusiasm for it. I have a lot to do here in general if we hope to sell this house in a year.

Like clean the fence. It is so humid here that the white painted fence quickly becomes green. We also have a roof leak we need repaired and loads of painting to do, among other tasks. It's hard for me to want to carve out time to work here.

A tree from our neighbor's yard snapped and fell over the fence into our yard. Scared me when it crashed down outside my bedroom window!  Technically it's the neighbor's responsibility, but it's not worth straining that relationship. So now we own a chainsaw. I sent a photo of the chainsaw (a Husqvarna) and my tree service son approved of our choice. And then told us to get safety gear beyond the boots and protective eyewear my husband had on.

I always hate losing a tree, but as long as this gorgeous old oak next to us keeps standing, I'm good. And in spite of all the work, I'm thoroughly enjoying the warmed up weather.

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