Sunday, January 11, 2015

At the Duck Pond

Before my older son left to go back to school, the three of us walked over to the duck pond near my neighborhood with some bread crusts.
It didn't take the Canada geese long to figure out and they made a beeline for us.
They were a little braver, and would take a bit of bread directly from our hands.
There sure is a dinosaur-like quality to a goose's beak!
The gulls were there, too, circling overhead.
Some of the ducks were crested, with poufy feathers on their heads.
It didn't seem specific to breed so I did a little research. It's actually a genetic defect of the skull.
This gull appeared to take a disliking to the fancy topknot. Yeah okay, maybe it was after the food.
Eventually we ran out of bread, and after a last reproachful look...
the birds moved on to look for other food.

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