Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hot Springs Heaven

Sunday we got one of those gorgeous January days that act as a reprieve from more wintry weather- sunny and in the 50's. Perfect day for a run to Hot Springs. We had some time before our reservation so we looked around the shops in town and then took a long walk through the wooded campground along the French Broad River.
The highlight, of course, is the soak in the hot tub. These tubs are filled for each reservation directly from the springs so don't require the water to be kept heated. This particular tub sits on the bit of land where Spring Creek joins the French Broad. I'd brought a chilled bottle of pinot grigio and some snacks. It's a truly blissful experience to shed your clothes and sit in the steamy water, sipping wine and looking out over the river.
The squirrels know to check in to see if there might be snacks for the cute rodent crowd. The one that ventured onto the deck was in luck.
The squirrel dug in as if he hadn't eaten in days. Weeks, maybe.
At the end of the hour, we reluctantly pulled ourselves out of the warm water and walked over to a little restaurant that sits by the creekside. Fish and chips and a couple of IPAs (mine was better). We decided this would be just the first of many trips together.

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