Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'll just refer you to my blog motto.

To follow-up on the share v. don't share decision: I know I made the right one. Not having any place to put my private thoughts isn't a concern. I have my brain for that. I also have a handful of close women friends who I tell things that don't even make the blog. But more importantly, this relationship matters a hell of a lot more to me than maintaining a secret blog. Because here's the thing - starting when we went out a second time a few days after that first lunch date, we've spent at least part of 12 of the next 15 days together. And we've talked and talked and talked. It hasn't been the usual evening out once a weekend sort of thing. So, no, I absolutely didn't mind cuddling up in this temporary fireside bed and pulling up the blog on his iPad. And because it's right and I have nothing left to hide, the blog goes on as it has.
When I retired my old blog, I carried its banner ahead as my footer, with my ongoing motto: "Life is weird and unpredictable, but often in a good way." I still believe it.

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