Friday, May 8, 2020

Around the yard.

In between telemedicine visits, I took my phone out to snap a few shots of what's blooming in our yard these days. Like this dwarf mock orange which is taking off this year and is covered in fragrant flowers.
The roses are doing well, also, although the trellis we put up to support them turned out to be no match for their weight.
Last year I got about four little crabapples off this tree but this year it is loaded down with little baby fruit. I'm hoping to make crabapple sauce out of them.
I transplanted this peony from my old house and it has resisted blooming year after year. I was surprised, then, when I walked by and saw the first flower on it in 5 years.
Out back some little strawberries are starting to develop.
And I put in three tomato plants. Those and herbs are the only food plants I put in this summer.
Things are coming along in the bed under the hemlock trees, which was completely covered in English ivy when I moved in. It's a little hard to see, but I stuck bamboo skewers by each plant that I want to dig up in the fall and divide. Heuchera, ferns, hostas, trillium and so on.
This year the crossvine, a plant native to this area, has also been covered in blooms. I've even seen a hummingbird feeding in the blossoms. Höðr doesn't seem to like the vine and will carefully step over it when she's walking along the deck railing. Nevertheless, I'm going to try to take cuttings and see if I can propagate more plants.

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