Sunday, May 3, 2020

Socially distanced hiking.

On Saturday, we drove out through the countryside north of town. It was a gorgeous day.
We had gotten permission to hike on some privately-owned undeveloped land, and set out along this old logging road.
The logging road leads up the hillside along a little creek.
My husband had studied the topographical maps for the area and would stop periodically to make sure we were on course and within the 32 acres of the property's boundaries.
I am directionally impaired, but I could spot the orange blazes that his color-blind eyes could not. And I am getting better about identifying native plants. Like this tiny blue flag iris.
There was, unfortunately, no way to avoid all the  poison ivy, but we both hiked in long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
We climbed up to the northern ridge, a very steep hike.
But once we got to the top, the path leveled out.
While we were up there, I found this red-eyed box turtle. It seemed to be eating some sort of fungus.
The view was obscured by undergrowth, but once in a while we could see through to the mountains beyond.
It was beautiful and cool in the shade of the trees.
We kept hiking back along the eastern ridge and then down to the logging road again.
We had a picnic next to the creek before we headed back home.
But I could have stayed listening to the water all day.

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