Friday, May 29, 2020

Under contract? Not anymore!

So the private land we've been doing some hiking on with the owners' permission? It was because we were looking at buying it. And so we have, closing this morning. It was actually two properties with two different owners and two different realtors. But it turned out the one reasonable building site straddled the border of the two. What could we do but make offers on both and hold our breaths? Fortunately, one seller made a counter offer we felt was quite reasonable and the other accepted our initial offer. The two combined are about 32.6 acres of Appalachian Mountains.
We'd been looking in all the neighboring counties for a bit, but this one felt right immediately. As we were walking along the logging road by the creek, I said to my husband. "Oh, honey." He said, "No! Don't 'oh, honey!' Let's not get ahead of ourselves!" And then, a little while later, he turned to me and said, "Oh, honey." We were sold.
The properties slope up to ridges on three sides (the fourth side being the road), and a creek runs through it. When you are where we will put a house some day, you can't see the road or hear anything except the water running, the leaves moving in the breeze, and the birds singing.
And okay, it's a little low-rent to celebrate by drinking spilts of Prosecco straight from the bottle, but we forgot glasses and we were too stoked about the land to care.. 

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